Artist Focus on Wilko Roon

Wilko Roon

Wilko Roon is a name gaining popularity in the art world. Wilko is a inspiration, despite having double vision, apraxia and being partly paralysed as a result of a car accident. Wilko, has managed to develop and use his abilities to create a unique style of painting. Wilko Roon’s life changed in Grade 9 when he was involved in a serious car accident. Where after he emerged, partly paralysed, with double vision, apraxia and several fractures. He had to relearn long forgotten childhood skills. It was during this time that he returned to the painting and drawing skills and found a wonderful and fulfilling new path of expression. Wilko started his career as a professional artist in 2006.  He has developed his own unique style, drawing his inspiration from his surroundings. The colourful characters of Paternoster and their children are favourite themes in his work, where he uses the bright palette that is characteristic of his style!